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Kelly Marriner-Smith

Kelly is a lifelong horsewoman and has been a professional in the horse industry for 20+ years, The roots of her love for horses and dedication to the sport is somewhat of a mystery! Coming from a non-horsey background, Kelly was simply drawn to horses from the first time she saw one. When she discovered that there were horses living in an undeveloped part of her city, she would walk several miles to visit, observe and try to feed the animals through the fence. Her frequent visits led to relationships with the horse owners and eventually opportunities to groom and even ride. Small opportunities led to big dreams! Big dreams led to amazing experiences and wonderful accomplishments. Kelly is the consummate student of horses and equestrian sport.  She is always learning, growing and seeking to elevate her own horsemanship and then share that knowledge with her students and their horses.

Career Highlights Include:

2001-WCHR Regional Champion

2002-Legacy Cup Champion 3' Limited Pro and 3'6" Limited Pro

2012-Chef d'Equippe Zone 9 Silver Medal Team Championships

2013-Recipient of the Smooth Jazz Perpetual Trophy recognizing excellence in horse welfare.

2014-Zone 9 Leading Hunter Derby Rider

2015-George H. Morris Gladstone Program

2016-Top Ribbons in Dressage and Showjumping at the Retired Racehorse Project Thoroughbred Makeover

Take a look into a day at the barn with Kelly,,,

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